Running is a big question mark that’s there each and every day. It asks you, ‘Are you going to be a wimp or are you going to be strong today?' - Peter Maher, Irish-Canadian Olympian

Thursday, June 28, 2007

To my neighbor with the little Yorkie Terrier

When I tell you numerous times my dogs aren't small dog safe, I mean if they get the chance, they will kill her. They will snatch your little terrier up, give her a shake or two and then she will be dead before we could pry her out of their mouths. They will kill her and then they will walk away without a backwards glance because that is what they do. They are dogs that have hundreds, maybe thousands of years of genetic memory coursing through their veins that tells them to chase, snatch up small little creatures and kill them. Not all greyhounds are like mine. Some might be safe. But mine aren't. I know my dogs, and I know enough to warn you to keep yours away from them. I know you think it's cute to let your little yorkie strain at the end of her leash, all 5 pounds of her, 3 feet away from an 85 lb greyhound, standing stock still, his eyes focused on her without blinking. As tight as I hold him, do you think you could move faster than him, if he decides to lunge for her? If so, you are sadly mistaken.

If my dogs ever get your dog, it won't be their fault. It won't be because they are vicious killers. It will be because they are dogs. And you are an idiot.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

And I was thinking of longer distances.....

Yeah, right. Now was 91 degrees and swampy humid at 8:30 and I am a 35/40 degree perfect if-it-is-raining-slightly runner. We decided to do 3 instead of the called for 3.25 miles. We did not take the dogs and we had to go to a walk 30 seconds, run 1 minute routine between 2 miles and 2.75 miles. First time I have had to walk during a run in a long, long time. Oh well, there is always Saturday coming up.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Monday, June 25, 2007

The Battle

I might have let them win Battle Rabbit. I was only giving it to them as something different and it was expensive. But I will not let them win Battle Chicken.
They don't want to eat chicken lately, not since beef and pork showed up on the scene. I thought maybe they wanted a little more meat with their chicken so I bought a whole chicken, cleavered it in half and they stare at it.
Have you ever seen anything so pathetic?
They will be getting it tomorrow.
(They were served the rejected chicken inside because it is over 90 outside. Usually I just throw the meat out in the backyard)

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Saturday's run

4 miles - 44:56 11:14 m/m

Ran with Sue - don't know how she did it because she hasn't been running all that regularly lately. I suggested 4, she was game. Told her I was just going for the distance, time wasn't a real factor. I was shooting for 12 m/m or under. I would have been happy with 11:59.

Sue went out and set the pace and I just hung with her, first mile was 11:25 so we didn't drop our pace drastically over the distance as I tend to do. Sue tends to be steadier in the pacing department than I am. We chatted the first 3 miles and then got really quiet the last mile :-)

I am very, very happy to have done that distance with that time - it felt good and it felt like we could have been faster. It didn't feel like we were 'pushing' it. Or at least it didn't until the last quarter mile. Cosmo, of course, had no trouble at all with the distance or the pace.

This coming week:
Monday - 3.25
Wednesday - 3.5
Friday - 3.5
Saturday - 4.25

We shall see how it goes. 6.2 is calling.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Friday Mish Mash

There will be no continuity or theme to this post. You have been warned.

I made a new logbook for letterboxing. I let the husb pick out the paper and he chose it based on color and that the pattern looks like stamps.
This is the second personal logbook I have made. I am pretty happy with how it came out. The cover paper didn't go on the book board exactly smooth. I think it was a little thin. I like the ribbon bookmark though. That will make it really easy to find my next pages instead of thumbing through them all with grubby hands.

My dogs are pissing me off. They took to raw feeding like, well......, like greyhounds to running :-) I started them off with turkey and chicken. Then I branched out into pork and beef heart. My thinking was they would get a chicken back or turkey neck for their evening meal followed by pork trim (60 lbs for $.93/lb - woo hoo!) or beef heart ($.49/lb!). Nice and balanced, right? Lots of meat and a little bone. Sounds perfect in theory. In reality, once they tasted the pork trim and the beef heart, no way are they going to be bothered with chicken and turkey. Freaking Momo almost knocked me over and chewed off my hand once trying to get at the beef heart! New rule: they only get the pork and beef after they eat the chicken. So, I throw the chicken backs out in the yard and all I get are pacy, whiny dogs up against the kitchen door. They are pitiful. Give us our pork and beef! I have tried stuffing the beef and pork in the chicken back and turning it upside down in the grass. They just work it over to get the good stuff. Today, I was so disgusted, I just left the chicken backs, fermenting in the yard. Hey, my neighbors already think I am a freak when I cleavered a whole 18 lb. turkey in half and threw the halves out in the yards for the dogs to eat. You think they are going to care about a couple of little chicken backs? Eventually, the dogs did eat the chicken after they sat out there for 2 1/2 hours. Guess we are going to see if all those raw feeders who maintain dogs can handle high bacteria loads in their food are right. Actually, I think Cosmo went out there and ate his when I told him we were running 4 miles tomorrow.

The husb got all four wisdom teeth out today so I have been playing nursemaid. Don't have the little outfit and I thought that would disappoint him. Turns out he could care less what I am wearing as long as I bring the painkiller at the appointed time. I don't handle teeth stuff very well. Driving him there this morning, I had to fight off a root canal anxiety attack with breathing exercises. Jen found that hilarious. He has handled this like a champ, impressing me very much. Also impressing me is his remarkable physical and vocal resemblence (at least on his left side) to a puffy, jowly, Marlon Brando/Vito Corleone/Godfather 1. His voice is low, raspy, lips barely moving when he speaks. Last impressive fact about this whole ripping teeth out episode was that the doctor just called to check on him - 9:15 on a Friday night. First time for that in my book.

ETA: One last little item of insanity. I don't know what the hell is the matter with us but W and I were talking Thursday on our run about doing a half. We both agree if we can get to the point where our midweek runs are regularly 5+ miles and increase our distance on the weekend runs, we think it is do-able. Especially if we bite the bullet and join the gallow-walkers. Don't know - just something to think about and ponder. I told her if we did it, it would have to be some huge race with both a half and a full marathon and lots of walkers, maybe in early 2008. We also talked about doing another tri, maybe as a team. She immediately nailed me for the swim leg. I was actually thinking, 'ok' and then I remembered what it is like to swim in an open water, mass start.

No thanks.
And just incase you think the above is a joke or exaggeration:

Double no thanks. Guess it comes down to the fact that I am tough enough to have done 3 sprint tris but not tough enough to love them and keep doing them. I wonder if I am tough enough for 13.1.

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Monday: 3 miles (no time)
Wednesday: 3.25 - 10:58 m/m
Thursday: 3.25 - 11:12 m/m

Friday's run became Thursday's run because the husb is having all 4 wisdom teeth out tomorrow. Not only are the wisdom teeth going buh-bye but Link is also. :-( He is heading out to his new home early in the morning.

Wednesday Cosmo and I ran by ourselves. I was a little surprised at the time. I thought we were a little faster than that. Today, Thursday, we met W and T. We were a little slower than usual but considering Cos and I ran yesterday morning and W and T ran last night, I will take that time and be happy. It felt hard - I wanted so badly to stop with a mile left but we didn't and of course, now I am happy :-)

Perusing some running blogs, I came across a runner who used a downloaded podcast from dj steve boyett to help keep her pace. I thought it was worth a try so I downloaded one podcast and put it on the ipod. I thought my ears were going to bleed or I was going to fall down and have a fit. I guess techno just isn't the genre for me. If you do like techno, you might want to give it a try - I do like the way the podcasts are all labeled with bpm. I need to rethink my run list though, maybe make a new one. Even though I have it on shuffle, I just don't get that element of surprise and distraction anymore from it.

Saturday will hopefully be 3.75 miles. I am going to try my darndest not to turn around at 1.75.

Monday, June 18, 2007


I let the husb pick out what cupcakes he wanted for Father's Day. He choose VCTOTW's S'mores cupcakes. Yum-Yum! He said he thought these were the best yet. I put a layer of the chocolate ganache under the frosting, just to up the chocolate factor. I made both regular size and mini-cupcakes. Gaze upon the glory:

Cosmo's latest project

Runnin' fools

After a good run on Friday........Sunday came around :-(

But between Friday and Sunday was Saturday and Saturday was Green Lakes Tri day :-) Wen and I decided to bring the dogs out and spend the morning watching people expend lots of energy. I have done Green Lakes twice - never fast, always waaaaaaay back of the pack. Okay, middle of the pack out of the water :-). I then spent the bike and run leg watching people pass me and then I finished back of the pack. If only the race ended after the swim...... I thought watching the race, I might be wistfully yearning, wishing I was in the race. Nope. Didn't have one iota of yearn in my body. I was just thankful that I wasn't out there. It was great to watch everyone. Even though it is 'just' a sprint tri, it is still an awesome accomplishment for everyone who finishes. One thing that struck Wen and I was how some people just dilly-dallied in the transitions. I am not one to pass judgement on any of them - they were out there and I sure wasn't but it was clear that time wasn't a huge consideration for some of them. I mean, I was slow but never in transition. I needed all the time I could get in the various legs :-)

Back to Sunday's run. We were going to call an audible on 3.5 or 4 miles when the time came. Our goal was an easy 12 m/m and to enjoy ourselves. Well, I called 3.5 at the 1 mile mark and we struggled to make our (easy!) time. I felt like I was running in water up to my thighs. I wanted to quit every half mile. Both Wen and I struggled mightily with that run. Cosmo had no problem. We did 3.5 at a 11:48 m/m pace and that was with a huge final quarter mile, almost vomit-inducing push to keep it under 12. Pathetic.

We met this morning to run 3 and I was dreading it after yesterday. Surprise, surprise, it wasn't bad. I felt good. No idea of time because I forgot to bring my watch but it was good. Again, Cosmo had no problem with it :-)

Friday, June 15, 2007

A Little Progress

Because W had plans for later today, we met early to run. She was without dogs because she came straight from work, so it was just the 3 of us. We did 3 miles in 32:25, a 10:48 m/m. We both thought it was hard but maintainable and just slightly out of our comfort zone - it probably was technically a 'tempo' run. I managed to stay upright the whole time and the trail was blessedly lightly populated - no loose dogs. Weather was beautiful - sunshine, breezy and high sixties. Can't get any better than that. Gonna keep working on getting that time down though. We will get faster yet.

Tomorrow we are heading out to Green Lakes to watch the triathlon. I am so so happy, happy beyond belief, that I am not doing it this year :-) My weekend run will be Sunday morning - probably a slow 3.5/4 miler with Cosmo - Bridg is out of town this weekend :-(

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Hit the dirt running

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning, I meet W, and her two dogs, Wil and T'bo (of dogsitting fame) at the local park to run. It has been working out really well for me. No thinking, no contemplating, no 'do I really want to run this morning?' kvetching. It is a standing appointment and I show up without thinking about it. With the warmer weather, mornings are definitely the only time I can run with Cosmo. Then I try to do a long, slow run on Saturdays with Bridg.

So, I am happy with myself in the 'discipline' department. Yea!

Yesterday, we meet up. She is running sans dogs - her husb fed them too late. Me, Cosmo and W - the only ones hitting the trail that a.m. The trail we run is 4 miles out and back with mileage markers every .25 miles. Lately we run out 1.5, turn around and head back for a total of 3. We hope to add a quarter mile each week - upping our mileage nice and easy for her dogs who haven't been running for years like Momo.

We set off - at a pretty fast pace (for us. Remember, everything is relative). We were able to step it up without her dogs. First .25 down, under 11 m/m pace (remember? I said everything is relative! :-)). Second quarter mile, cruising right along, feeling good, we hear someone warn us from behind. It is always appreciated when someone makes it known in advance they are going to pass you. Unfortunately, in our area, very few people's vocabularies include the phrase, 'on your left'. But this old feller, well, he was one of the good ones. He did the right thing. I slow down, shorten Cosmo's lead, start moving over to the right and I feel it. I feel the little bobble of my right ankle as it catches the edge of the pavement. I have slowed down a lot though, so I think I might be able to recover. I take about 4 steps and I start to go down. Left knee, left hand, boom. Where are all my right appendages? I don't know. Next to hit are the boobs. In essence, I swan-dived into the dirt. I hit them puppies hard. The old guy on the bike in horrified. W is horrified. Cosmo is bored - he has seen this too many times. Nothing is hurt, I reassure bike man that he is not at fault and I am fine. W, Cos and I walk a little bit (with me grabbing and rubbing my chest and trying to get the dirt out of my sports bra) and then we continue running. W informs me that everytime I fall, it makes her relive the time I took a header off my bike and almost rolled down a cliff because she stopped short in front of me.

Cosmo decides to poop at the .75 mile mark.

We run out to our turn around and head back. Still keeping a good pace (remember the relative thing?) for us.

On the way back, around the corner comes this loose, mid-sized black mixed breed, followed shortly by a man. I HATE OFF-LEASH DOGS. WE HAVE A LEASH LAW IN OUR COMMUNITY AND OUR PARKS.

Me: Would you leash your dog, please. My guy was attacked once by an off leash dog and he is scared of loose dogs now.

(I have decided I have no problem lying to people who don't leash their dogs. I will tell them mine are dog aggressive, fearful, whatever.)

Him: Oh, she wouldn't hurt a fly.

Visual: To make my lie seem truthful, I am making a big show of keeping myself between Cosmo and the loose dog, who is now circling us. Of course, all Cosmo wants to do is sniff loose dog's butt. I don't know why he won't play act and go along with the scenario!

Internal thought process: You bastard! I tell you my dog is scared and you could care less. WTF?

Me: He doesn't know your dog won't hurt him!

Man (now walking past us): *mutter, mutter, mutter*

Me: What did you say? There is a leash law, you know!

Man: *mutter, mutter, mutter*

As we start running again, W makes the point to me that the paved trail we run is only about 6-7 feet wide and is very curvy. Some cyclist or rollerblader could easily come around a curve and have an accident with that dog running loose on the trail. The whole incident ticked me off. Hey, there is nothing I would love more than to be able to walk my dogs off leash, have them running around me, having a great time. I understand why people want to do it. But it isn't responsible or safe. And it isn't legal around here.

Happily, despite all the drama, we end the run wiped out. I estimated (with the fall, poop stop and jerky, off leash man) we did just under an 11 m/m, probably about 10:52 m/m. Fast for us, but maintainable. We both thought it was hard but we didn't feel 100% stressed. Cosmo didn't think much about it one way or the other. For a change, it was nice to go out and push a little bit. We tend to run slower with her dogs because they, well, honestly, they are slow greyhounds. LOL Nah, not really. They are just new to the running thing and still getting acclimatized.

Monday, June 11, 2007


Meet Link.
No, not this Linc (although, how cool and old school was Mod Squad?! And what a cool name for a dog!)

But this Link, our newest foster.

We were told he was a relaxed, laid back, easy going boy. Famous last words. He is anything but. He is a great, affectionate, funny guy but laid back isn't in his description. He is the type of dog that will be lying in the living while you are in the kitchen. You open a cupboard. He jumps up, runs into the kitchen full speed, sliding the last 15 feet until he body slams up against your legs. He then looks up at you and says (his face is very expressionable as you can see from the above picture :-)), 'huh, huh, what's going on?, got something for me?, whatcha doin'?, whatcha got?, let me see, let's do something, lets go, go, go, go, take me with you, take me anywhereeeeeeeeeeeeee......!'
He was in a foster home in Fl. and he already has a new permanent home lined up so his stay with us will be brief. He is on the smaller side for a male, especially as it seems all the males are so big now. He is pretty scarred up, nothing particularly heinous but just lots of little ones. Makes sense if he charged his way through his kennel life like he does here at home LOL. And both his ears are gnawed but he is a real pretty and sweet boy. His family is going to be lucky to have him.

The local group met the haul down in Pennsylvania and brought Link and 3 other dogs up. We gave them a few minutes to stretch their legs and take a potty break in my backyard.

My two were very curious about the strangers in their backyard!

Thursday, June 07, 2007


My experience has been that runners are a very supportive group* and don't buy into this kind of divisiveness. I much prefer this line of thinking:
The difference between a jogger and a runner is an entry blank. ~George Sheehan ...

*As long as you line up appropriately pace-wise at races. Even slow people like me get ticked having to dodge around thousands of walkers :-)

Friday, June 01, 2007


I started running in 2003. I have ran numerous races, completed two sprint triathlons. What has this gotten me? Am I faster? Nope. Thinner? Nope.

Since my return from my little, two week long, self-imposed running-in-bad-weather boycott in April, I have studiously avoided timing myself.

Today, the scheduled run was to be 2.75, at the park with our three running mates (one human, two dogs). A call early this morning informed me we would be running alone as the human stepped on a nail yesterday, was sore, and visiting the doctor today.

I decided to run 3. And I decided to time it.

When we got to the trailhead, Cosmo didn't want to leave the parking lot. He kept stalling and looking around for the rest of the group. Sorry bud, I am all you got today. He wasn't happy.

As usual, first quarter mile consisted of both a pee and a poop break (for Cosmo - not me). When I reached the distance marker, I looked down.....Holy slug-a-moley, Batman. 3:46. Yep, a 15 m/m pace. Even with the breaks......I was stunned and a little downhearted. Why not freaking walk? But we continued on and stopped looking at the watch. We ended our 3 miles with a time of 35:49. Thank goodness for being a shade under a 12 m/m. Over a 12 m/m pace would have been a real blow especially since I felt I was working my a$$ off.

When I first started running, I thought to myself, all I wanted was to be able to go out, run 3 miles in 30 minutes. I didn't think it was asking much. 4 years later, I still haven't done it. My fastest 5k race time was 31:59 - a 10:20 mile. That was 2 years ago and I haven't gotten close to my 10 m/m since. And, I am beginning to think that result might be bogus because it was an uncertified race and in recent years the course (a different one than the one I ran, but still.....) has been short.

Monday - 2.75

Wednesday - 2.75

Friday - 3

Saturday - subbing for the run group at the Y. We will do 8 minute run/2 minute walk for 4 times. I hope I can keep up with the beginner runners. If you think I am joking, just recheck those times above.

I will not have the opportunity to run again until probably Thursday as I am going out of town for a few days starting Sunday. I am heading to NYC to move my daughter into her new apartment. I am sure I will have lots of stories from that - it is a 6th floor walkup and it is just her and me doing the moving.

I got The Raw Food Detox Diet by Natalia Rose out of the library. So did Bridg. She is thinking about doing it to improve her health. I am thinking about doing it to lose weight. Goodness knows my calorie counting routine isn't working :-)