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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Thank you

To everyone who has linked me! Gracias!

Since I embedded statcounter on my blog, it has become very clear that a lot of traffic is driven my way from other blogs. So I would like to just throw out some appreciation to all of you who have linked me :-) Shout out to:
Veganruthie (I know her name is just Ruthie but Veganruthie just rolls off the tongue!)
Yurippe in Italy. I might not understand what you are writing, but your photos speak to me! Squisito!
Lindylou - damn, this girl always cracks me up. A rough day calls for a visit to her blog.

I know I left people out. Sorry, it's not you, it's me. I just suck. :-\

Oh, and that person who found my blog with the google search 'Dog in pain and going crazy'.....Honey, you aren't going to find any answers to deal with that situation on my blog. Take your dog to the vet. Please.


KleoPatra said...

Love ya, Trac. You know i do...

Keep doin' whatcher doin'!

Unknown said...

I need Statcounter!


Iowa Greyhound said...

It is interesting what brings people to your blog.

My favorite keywords used are:

"greyhound sleep agression"
"greyhound bite"


vko said...

How could I not link to Cosmos and a fellow NYS vegan?

Thank you for the thanks-

Anonymous said...

thanks to you ! what a honour ^^
I found your blog searching the bento boxes and found you experiments with your Femmio Valentino red one so cute and well done ^^ and I added because I run a bento website, so I put your link in the blog; apart from the bento your blog is so cute and amusing (LOL I notice just now I am the only italian) ehhhhhhhhhh ! LOL :-3