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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Bro

We decided, after much research, that a typical greyhound coat wouldn't work for Cosmo to run in. He needed something warm, but lighter, wouldn't create static, and would be non confining. The 'bro' fit the bill to a 'T'.

The bro is the creation of Jen for her own dogs. It is perfect when something is needed, but not a lot. Cosmo runs in his bro and it works perfect.

I tried to take a few pictures of him when we were getting ready to run on Saturday. All the pictures are crappy because he would get 2 feet away from me. He was afraid I was going to leave him!

I should fix the velcro but I probably won't. It's not as if the coat is falling off of him. When we run at the park, Cosmo gets lots of admiring glances and comments from other runners and walkers.


Iowa Greyhound said...

Another dog is added to my "rescue" list. :-)

runswithdog said...

Shoot! He would need a 'bro' in your neck of the woods too. It gets cold in Iowa :-)

All my tomorrows said...

So cute. I'd be stopping to ooo and ahhh, too. He's just a really stunning hound, anyway. Does he know he is good looking ;-)?

runswithdog said...

I don't know if Cosmo knows much of anything except when it is time for treats and time for running LOL