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Monday, October 16, 2006

New Letterbox!

Before leaving Delaware, Jen and I planted the Greyhounds Reach the Beach letterbox along the Rehoboth boardwalk. I think we hid it pretty well, but it is such a high traffic area, I hope the box remains safe. Next year will tell! Here is the clue and you can see the handmade logbook for this box here.


All my tomorrows said...

Can't you also enable something on that peeps can email you if they find it? I have done this a time or two in the past and I seem to remember that feature on there.

I need to start doing this again. I always enjoyed it and was getting a few nice stamps in my notebook.

trac said...

Yep, I can be contacted through both lbna and Atlas Quest. I also host the clues on my own website so there is a contact link there. I just really want to encourage anyone who finds it to let me know - I am a bit worried about the location but we couldn't find a better place. Some boxers (such as myself) don't contact placers to tell of a find unless there is a reason to - such as maintenance needs to be done, etc. I also don't log my finds on AQ, or count them in my logbook. I guess I fall into the 'retro-boxer' category LOL.

You really should start boxing again - I didn't know you did! We should arrange a mail exchange LOL. A day hiking with the dogs beats any other kind of day!

All my tomorrows said...

Yes, I did for a bit based on some discussion about GPS Geocaching as opposed to Letterboxing elsewhere.

I got curious about Letterboxing from that discussion and started reading about it.

I got a few basic things and went out and found some boxes at that point (ALWAYS ALWAYS careful to put them back the right way).

Then, I kind of lazed off on the whole thing for some reason. I don't know why. It was fun. I may try to start again now that we have nice weather here.

Small world. Gets smaller every day, doesn't it :-).