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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Back from Dewey

We got back from Dewey Monday night about 7-ish. The weather stunk for the whole weekend and only cleared up for Sunday - which was gorgeous. The vending tents were taken down and there was no official vending site. By Sunday the vendors scrambled and some of them were vending out of their rooms and on the street. Just a very very sad situation.

On the plus side, since I don't care to buy all that much (my dogs have as many collars and coats as they need) I thought the high gusty winds made the beach very dramatic and spectacular to walk on. You can see some pictures that Jen posted here:

We letterboxed in Rehoboth, Dewey and Lewes, scoring a series of boxes that had been planted for the Delaware games gathering that happened that weekend. Great stamps and locations so we had lots of fun with those. We also boxed on the way down and the return trip.

On the negative side, after four years of doing it, I don't think I am cut out for sharing a house with 13 other people and their dogs. It only took 4 years to figure this out - I never said I was a quick study :-/ I like to think I am fairly social and am a considerate housemate. I don't think the other co-tenants would have much to complain about me. I didn't leave my dogs unsupervised, I didn't eat anyone else's food, I didn't keep anyone awake with loud behavior, I didn't violate anyone's personal space, I didn't mess with anyone else's dog (yes, all those things and more were done). I paid attention to my dogs. I watched them for signs of stress or discomfort. When I saw it, or thought that spaces were getting too crowded, my dogs were put in our room. So what I would like to know is am I a complete misanthrope? Will I always find something to complain about? Am I too critical of other's behavior? No one else (besides Jen who had to put up a Quiet Hours sign on our floor after people started congregating for coffee and chatting outside of our bedroom at 7 the first morning) had any real complaints that I heard. They all seemed more tolerant and accepting and having a great time drinking with each other.

I don't think I am a hardcore paranoid dog owner. I mean, I am careful with my dogs but I don't cosset them or are overly cautious with them. Compared, though, to some others whose demeanors could best be classified as casual or lacksadasical, I am a virtual dog Nazi. It is amazing how little awareness people exhibit of their dogs when they get into social situations. Sorry, but I think if you have that many dogs cohabitating, you better be watching them closely. This is pretty much all I am going to say on the subject except that I am going to try to score a rental so that a few of us uptight dog owners can enjoy our weekend in peace :-)


All my tomorrows said...

I hear you. I could not share with that many people. I know it's cheaper to do it that way, but 1. I have to have more privacy, 2. yes, I can manage my dogs better and not have to worry about the mismanagement of others and 3. I AM a misanthrope! LOL!

Sorry about that weather. Why do they always pick that weekend and every year it rains I wonder?

Jen said...

Yes, Trace, I just looked up Misanthrope in the dictionary and there was a picture of you there. :o)

Seriously though... we were NOT dog nazi's. Unfortunately there were a few people in the house who a)Came for a social chat/drinking binge/shopaholic weekend and abandoned their poor dog(s) either most of the time or part of the time--leaving those of us on Floor 1 to babysit-- or 2) were naturally very lacadasical/apathetic about their dog(s) and their dog(s)fretted/stressed the whole weekend because their owners were too busy doing "other" things. While the majority -er, majority? Half?--the people in the house were very good, the 3-4 who were very apathetic made it very difficult for the conciencious dog owners to operate.

I find it very kind that you said "I didn't mess with anyone else's dog (yes, all those things and more were done"). It plays down what REALLY happened, which was a few owners getting drunk and terrorizing/ emotionally abusing another person's greyhound, IN our house, with PEOPLE WE KNEW DOING IT, which was very unkind and cruel. We will definitely not be staying with those certain people next year. :o(


Anonymous said...

I hear ya about the living situation. I can't even handle the idea of one roommate, let alone 13 and their dogs. I'd rather just have the dogs to tell you the truth. :)
I have found also, that when I am forced to hang out with a bunch of people who consider getting drunk the height of socalizing, I get bored, then angry. I don't find that kind of thing any fun and I sure wouldn't want my precious pets getting stressed out or worse, by that situation.

I hope next year is a little better. Hey, if you start planning now, you could probably have the roommate situation you want and a much better/less stressful trip.

bazu said...

Sorry about the bad weather! I'm pretty convinced that this past weekend *was* the last good weather weekend.
I just saw your comment on my blog and had to laugh- it took us a while after we moved to Syracuse to realize that noone pronounced it like us (Seeracuse) rather "Seracuse"- but we caught on!