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Monday, August 10, 2009


I don't want to unnecessarily perpetuate any stereotypes - my northern counterparts seem to think that things in the south are slow and relaxed and people move like they are encased in molasses - so I will stick to just the facts.

We are having new carpet put in the condo. The old carpet was serviceable but stained in places. We had it professionally cleaned but weren't ecstatic with the results. We decided to replace it while we are waiting for our furniture. We figured installation would be easy in an empty place.

Carpet is only on the stairs, the upstairs landing and two bedrooms each with adjoining baths. Job consisted on ripping out the old carpet, installing the new. Two rooms and a staircase.

Two workers started the job on Friday morning. Worked all day Friday. Worked all day Saturday. Still here today.

Three days to install what is essentially three rooms of carpet.

Wow. Just wow.

The workers are very nice though - we just can't talk to them anymore. They would never get it done. Yes, they are a chatty couple. :-)

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All my tomorrows said...

There is a comedien who has a very funny schtick about this very issue. I will try to find it. What you hope to have got out of all this is that it is the best damn carpet installation you've EVER had!