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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Friday and Saturday Nights in Gville

Imagine taking a stroll through Time Square. Imagine taking that stroll with Bono, Mick Jagger, Bruce Springsteen or Mac Davis (that last is thrown in there just for Jen!)

Friday and Saturday nights are big night outs around here. The ground floor of our building has several high end restaurants, all with sidewalk seating. In the immediate 4 block radius, there are probably another 12+ restaurants, several live music venues and coffee shops.

As I take the dogs around for their last evening walk around 10:30-11 ish, we are stopped constantly. People remark about them. People want to ask questions. People want to pet them. People lean over the railings separating their dining area from the sidewalk to pet them and even occasionally offer a bite of their dinner. Mal sometimes takes them up on their offers, Cosmo usually refuses because he doesn't like to eat in public. :-) A low murmur follows us as we make our way and I can hear the comments behind us.

"Oh, those are greyhounds."

"I bet they were racers"

"Look at the gorgeous whippets!"

"Do you think they are greyhounds?"

"Wow, look at the Great Dane"

...and so on.

And it isn't as if there aren't plenty of other dogs around either, even at that time of night. People have their dogs all around hanging out, walking them, etc. But the greyhounds seem to occupy a singular spot in the collective consciousness and they garner outsized attention from the public.

Sometimes I like it and seize the opportunity to do a little education. Sometimes I just want to walk them and get up to bed.

My dogs are freaking rockstars around here.


Jen said...

Yay, Mac Davis!! :o)

Can't wait to see photos of all of this--must be really cool. Altho I still don't know how you enjoy all that heat and humidity! It has been high 80's up here and it is enough to make me cry.

Miss you-

Shannon said...

With all the tracks in Florida, I'm kind of surprised. And yes, PICTURES!!

All my tomorrows said...

That is so cool but like Shannon I am a bit surprised what with all the tracks there! I guess I always think Greyhounds are more popular pets than they actually are..being so surrounded with them and friends who have them...all though we almost ALWAYS get stopped by somebody to ask questions on our daily's a good thing.

Jen said...

I second Shannon. Where are the pictures?? lol