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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Oh, a gagging afterthought!

While at Dewey, Jen made us pierogies a couple of times. They were really good so I decided to get some myself. I bought the store brand roasted garlic pierogies and over the course of three days, stuffed myself in carb oblivion on them. Yummy!

Then as I was putting the box in the recycling bin, I glanced at the ingredients. GAG me with a spoon! Did I not check them in the store? Did I just buy these assuming they were vegan and not read the ingredients? What the heck? I know the ones Jen bought were vegan. But these had whey and EGG in them! Way at the bottom of the ingredient list but it was still in there. Yuck! Nasty! I worry that I have now hopped on the pierogie starch bandwagon only to be shoved off by non-vegan ingredients :-(


Anonymous said...

Oh no! I hate when that happens!!!! I usually feel like I did something wrong, but you know it happens to all of us. At least you know now!

I hope you didn't get a stomach ache from it. :(

All my tomorrows said...

The egg will forgive you. I'm being serious..not facetious. :-(

Jen said...

What! What brand did you get, Mrs. T's? Ah man. :o/


Sue said...

Babka!! Perogies!!! Are you turning Polish? You are eating all the foods that I ate on Holidays when I was a kid!!!